Monday, January 23, 2017

Just That Kind of Man by Lenny Green!!!!!!!!!!!

Just That Kind of Man by Lenny Green



  1. 2017 marks 50th Anniversary of Patterson-Gimlin film of 10-20-1967. General public may not be aware all their knowledge of BIG FOOT stems from the noteriety of 1967 FILM. It is time for a noted News Personality (such as Geraldo) to do NEW PROGRAM dedicated to this noteworthy film. Before this film, most people on earth were not aware of BIGFOOT legend. There are still many people out in the woods today knocking on trees and searching for BIGFOOT. We can celebrate the FILM this year since we cannot celebrate the FINDING of the CREATURE.

  2. The full article on PATTERSON-GIMLIN FILM OF 10-20-1967 including allegations of hoax can be found at:

  3. BEFORE 10-20-1967 Bigfoot was a little known local legend in sparsely populated parts of California and the USA. The PATTERSON-GIMLIN film is now 50 years old. The FILM made Bigfoot a national legend. There is still no definitive proof of a living creature. If nothing else, Bigfoot has become a legend. There is virtually no difference to Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. There are still many people out in the woods right now knocking on trees and looking for Bigfoot. What ever else you may think of the CONTENTS of the film, it is the FILM that will always be famous. It is differs from JAWS in one respect. The makers of JAWS never inferred that film was true.